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rmi_rmif, Eyesight Club member

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Dear Marty and the Cambridge Institute,

I've been nearsighted with touch of astigmatism since I was about 11 years old.

Lately, I was also beginning to show signs of middle-age sight (slow near-to-far shifting).

Needing glasses has made me feel hopeless, anxious and powerless.

I've felt cheated and afraid, like I'm missing out by not being able to see the world clearly. Like a loss of power.

Seeing Better in India

Here's a wonderful experience from a vision improver in India! He sent his comments after he finished the 8-week First Stage. Here's how he improved:

Club Member Shares Her Experiences

"By the time I found The Program for Better Vision I had stopped wearing glasses for my massage work (I am a psychotherapist and massage therapist, integrating mind/body/spirit).

Seeing Better in Barbados
"First I must apologize for not writing sooner. The journey to improved eyesight has been a tremendous one. I must start by saying that
Not a Scam After All!

"At first when I heard of your program, I thought it was another scam for sure...such incredulous claims about the program that I was sure it was a hoax.

More Benefits Than Seeing Better
"Your Program for Better Vision continues to help me with my visual acuity. Thank you. Yet, there have been other benefits.

An American in Paris is Seeing Better
"I want to thank you for the wonderful program which is giving me back my normal eyesight, free of glasses or contacts, after 35 years of being dependent on them. It has been such a fascinating process ..."