Seeing Better in India

Here's a wonderful experience from a vision improver in India! He sent his comments after he finished the 8-week First Stage. Here's how he improved:

Abbas Ali Khan
Maharastra /India
Date Started FIRST STAGE – 4th March 2007
Date Completed FIRST STAGE – 28th April 2007

I am nearsighted, my prescription before I start your programme was: Right -4.0 cylindrical .50 axis 90, Left -4.5 ( but current -5.0 required in both eyes)

I used to wear my glasses 15 hours a day. Started in 1995 when I was 15 years old.

The only thing I did without glasses was performing prayers (namaj).

I always want to throw my spectacles but I can not.

Three positive feelings I would express more abundantly if my vision was clearer are
1-I could see this world clearly
2-I could play cricket more easily and effectively
3-I would have been tension less about my eyes

One of my worst memories is the day when I got spectacles for the first time.

I don't know why I see the way that I do but I fear that I might go blind or that I will be wearing thicker glasses and other’s will feel my eyes are too big.

People say me chusmish (the people wearing specs called chusmish in India).

Doctors I see never listen me clearly instead they increase my glass power every visit.

My vision is R -4.0 and .5 cylinder, L -4.5. If I follow current subscription it is -5.0 and -5.0.

Even after regular visit to doctors my vision is increasing. I think some problem is with my attitude, way of using computer, way of looking the things. Even after wearing specs I never feels comfortable.

My eyes are having some other problem with myopia. I always having problem to see front/depth with or/without specs). Even after wearing glasses I can easily differentiate what two eyes are looking. Always it seems me that one eye is stronger than other.

I am from India generally doctors/optician laugh when I tell then to give me 20/40-60 vision glasses. They say that it will make your eyes worse. But one of them is agree with me he tested my eyes for 20/40 vision, the glasses I was wearing was already 20/40-60 so he say me to continue with that glasses. After 40 days of using 1st stage program I again went to him. My vision was 20/20. So he again gave me 20/40. During this period I am having a lot improvement I am comfortable now without glasess.

I have not missed the practice for single days. So I have finished it in exact 56 days

Truly speaking I have a lot of improvement. I have decreased my power to -.50 in both eyes. (when I started I was wearing R -4.0 -.50 cylinder, L -4.5 but it was 20/40 to 60. Required was -5.0 in both eyes) now -4.50 in both eyes is 20/20. I am using -4.0 as under correction.)

After first stage my memory and concentration skills are also improved.

I was having problem to see on particular side (like if my eyes are watch then side from 1 to 3 for left eye and side 9 for right eyes). This got improved I not having this problem anymore.

Both eyes don’t’ have similar vision problem to see depth clearly
This also have improved a lot

Problem to focus things properly
Amazing improvement

And many more which is difficult to write here with my poor English.

Now I always see clearly with my inner vision. I much more emotionally attached to myself and family.

One big turning point was mental, Because I was mentally set that my eyes are poor. These are the worst eyes in this world.

Memory visualization and minds eye visualization helped a lot to remove these thoughts.

Now I think that my eye are not victim they are proper as they should. These are instrument of my body If I use them properly care for them, they will work for me till I am alive

I am much more confident.

I achieved the vision improvement and way to see this world clearly.

My eyes are beautiful and ability to see clearly. And I will do it with these programmes.

I got benefited more than I was expecting.

I want to use all recommended techniques which are best for me. I think all were equally important to me.

In eight weeks from today I will definitely get it increase to min -3.0 as 20/20 (both eyes). Currently it is -4.0 (both eyes 20/40)
The programme is excellent!

The Third week was tough because during spectrum visualization I put lat of pressure on my eyes, that seems me that my vision is going to worse. After that all week were easiy.

I enjoy the Minds Eye Visualisation. This is day in each week where I always see improvement in my vision.

Once I will reach to -3.0 both eyes (currently -4.0 20/40). I will make a flood of mails to my friends. I will try to send better vision website link to each and every software engineer working in INDIA and abroad having vision problem. But before that I want put my self as a example of vision improved person.

Abbas Ali Khan