Seeing Better in Barbados

"First I must apologize for not writing sooner. The journey to improved eyesight has been a tremendous one. I must start by saying that I prayed for better eyesight and left it to God. It was a short while after that, that I “stumbled” on your website. I was looking for eye surgeons when a voice said to me to type in “dangers of laser surgery”. After I did that your site appeared in the search results, I ALMOST missed it. I knew later it was sent by God because of two things. 1. I had to train for six days and rest on the seventh and 2. seeing a cross when my vision was right.

In case you think I am a nut case, I am in fact a practicing chartered accountant and chartered secretary in Barbados. I started wearing glasses at age 12, some 32 years ago and stopped fully about two weeks ago after using your program for less than six months. I believe I will have 20 20 vision in less than two months based on the progress I have been making.

You may have seen increased business from the Caribbean because I have been telling everyone I meet about this program. I even gave two major testimonies on it at Teen Challenge where I am a counselor and a member of the board and at Full Gospel Business Men’s fellowship where I am a member.

I was led to believe that the sun was BAD for my eyes and I therefore deprived them of that natural resource which we have plenty of in the Caribbean. Before using your program, my eyes were so sensitive to light that if I was lying in bed and my wife turned on the light, I felt like murdering someone. I now have no problems at all with light even from the cars when I drive at night.

I need to give a bit of history. I wore bi-focals and was, to be politically correct, visually challenged. If I did not have on my glasses I could not find them. I could not reverse out of my driveway night or day without my glasses. About 18 years ago I tried driving home without them and had to give up when I realized the object I could barely see from 20 yards away was a bus. I got special lens that reduced the thickness of my glasses and was surprised to hear my friends say to me that they remembered me wearing very thick glasses.

With the exercises you provided my eyes are now much stronger, brighter, less sensitive to light and other irritants. Also, when I work late nights and for extended periods I don’t suffer eyestrain any way near what I did in the past. Some of my friends have told me that their eye specialists told them what I said about the program was IMPOSSIBLE. I simply tell them look at me and then to proceed to read the finest print which sometimes they cannot read even with their glasses on.

This program has also enhanced every aspect of my life including business as it is a great conversation topic. People who knew me are truly amazed and people who didn’t are fascinated and interested to find out. I told someone recently this was the best US$30 I had ever spent. She immediately told me the US $2,500.00 she spent on laser surgery was the best money she ever spent, by the way that did not include after care charges, airfare, hotel, downtime etc. What a fantastic program yours is.

Regrets:- That I did not have this program sooner, as I was a sports enthusiast. Also, the wasted money and frustration that accompanied wearing glasses.

I could go on ad infinitum about my journey to better vision and some of the most wonderful moments that took place but that could fill an entire book. So I will end now with this the short version.

Thanks Bettervision:- Now I can LOOK forward to a BRIGHTER future pardon the pun and not have to contemplate eye surgery, which I was one phone-call away from having, and my remaining sports days will be a lot less stressful.

Thanks again Bettervision and may God continue to Bless your work.

Michael D. Grimes CGA, ACIS, FCA

PS: I typed this letter on the computer without glasses, so any errors noted, blame Bettervision.