Not a Scam After All!

"At first when I heard of your program, I thought it was another scam for sure...such incredulous claims about the program that I was sure it was a hoax.

Yet I had headaches from wearing my bifocals and was desperate for something better. I have no credit so I sent a money order and waited 3 to 4 weeks for an answer from the US of A knowing from years of experience that it could be a loss of almost $100 Canadian.

When the program arrived I read the manual right away and put away my glasses for the first time in 40 years.

What a waste of time and money that! Wearing Glasses: Never Again !!!

Now I haven't tested my eyes yet because OHIP (the province of Ontario's Health Insurance Program) has just cut out a whole bunch of coverage because they say they cannot afford it. So since an eye test costs approximately $140 Can. and my union's negotiating to get that covered by our group insurance, I will have to wait until they cover it or my budget allows me to pay it.

Meanwhile I'm bragging to all my friends but they don't believe me. I can tell by their incredulous looks. Besides I am plagued by allergies that make my eyes redden and cry, even the cold makes my eyes cry. But I don't care ! I know that I can see a lot better!

Every day I am surprised by my eyes acuity at reading very small print and the TV watching and computer surfing do not bother my eyes or make them worse. I just blink and relax and breathe and everything becomes clear.

I've noticed so many new things I can do with my new eyes that I could not with my impossible glasses. And I can see so far. I can see the streetcar from far away. I can spot wild animals where I work and see them clearly. I can read the writing on faraway buildings, and small print on vitamin and supplement bottles. I can even flirt again.

I can do all this at the age of sixty years old. I started wearing glasses around fourteen years old and they probably misdiagnosed me then because my eyes were always crying and a lot worse than today.
I'm ordering the Advanced Better Vision Tape Set as soon as possible and giving the one I got already to a needy friend or relative. I wish you would publicize this on TV or with some more popular advertising; it is so sad to see so many people having to struggle with bifocals or other vision aids when they could just exercise a little, get better informed about relaxing and nurturing their eyes and keep their eyes much longer and see better than with these artificial and costly "aids".

Thanks a Zillion, Martin Sussman!