More Benefits Than Seeing Better

"Your Program for Better Vision continues to help me with my visual acuity. Thank you. Yet, there have been other benefits.

It has helped not only with my vision but also has had noticeable psychological benefits. I find your visualizations very relaxing. I have never had an effective strategy to deal with stress. I have usually applied the reactive method. Now, however, I know if I have a stress problem there is an effective response. Thank you for this as well. The memory visualization also has had a manifest psychological result. There is much from my past that I had forgotten or had suppressed; this visualization helped me to recollect the past. Thank you again. However, the psychological implications of your program extend further than teaching me how to relax and how to relate to my past.

Your program has psychological implications beyond the therapeutic. It is comforting to know that if I achieve better vision that I could reverse the effect if I choose. Laser surgery would seem to be a much easier solution to visual acuity problems. But I am not sure if I would make the choice or if a doctor would agree to reverse the result of a successful laser surgery. There are benefits to not seeing clearly. Though, I would like to achieve normal visual acuity with the help of your program and then decide if I could tolerate the psychological consequences.

In appreciation of your help with my vision and psyche, I have some helpful suggestions to improve your program.

When I have done 2 or more vision sessions in a day, the result the next day in visual acuity was quite noticeable. I think that by doing this I was able to gain a full line on the vision chart Obviously, you don't want to discourage people by asking them to practice eye exercises for an hour or more a day, but I found it very motivating to know that your program can really and truly be effective for me. Until I did a multiple session, after doing the 8-week program, I was not certain about the effectiveness of your program. This information could be useful to include with your program so people could verify its effectiveness

Also, perhaps you could provide an affirmation file to use in visual subliminal programs.

All the success in your efforts to help people see better."