Gets Bigger Vision & Better Eyesight

Dear Marty and the Cambridge Institute,

I've been nearsighted with touch of astigmatism since I was about 11 years old.

Lately, I was also beginning to show signs of middle-age sight (slow near-to-far shifting).

Needing glasses has made me feel hopeless, anxious and powerless.

I've felt cheated and afraid, like I'm missing out by not being able to see the world clearly. Like a loss of power.

I'm happy to say that my current prescription is half the strength of my first Rx!  Before this prescription, my eyes have never been balanced.

Sphere        Cylinder        Axis
R    -1.00        -0.50        090
L    -1.00        -0.21        090

My sight has changed in so many ways:

Improved near-to-far shifting.
I can see clearly at arm’s length and inches from my eye without discomfort or eye-jumping.
No sun sensitivity.
Better visual acuity all day.  Letters are crisp, clearer, even on computer.
Increased distance vision.
Increased field of vision:  top to bottom, left to right and peripheral.
More vivid colors.
Greater depth perception like a pop-up book.

The changes also go much deeper:

I'm calmer and less stressful, less anxious about vision “loss”
I'm more hopeful
I feel increased confidence
I see my talents, gifts and uniqueness easily and appreciate the unique creation I am
Seeing is beautiful!

I had one dream during the 8 weeks of The Program. I was Sleeping Beauty being held by my hand and lifted from a deep sleep from several feel below the ground.

It was amazing!

I think fear of disappointment held me back from opening the materials upon arrival.  Now I know I can learn to relax at a deeper level.

I feel that I achieved greater vision, not just an improvement in physical sight.  I feel I will be able to see and plan toward my future in a more expansive way (visualization).

One of the things that surprised me most was that my field of vision was basically tunnel vision – as if I was viewing all of life through a little tube.  How limiting.

Thanks again for all your great work.  Somehow in my heart of hearts, I knew the possibility of reclaiming eyesight existed.  You have made my dream come true. Your work is an answer to my prayers for clearer (true) vision.

Rosie S., Texas

P.S. Somehow my hearing is suddenly more keen too!  Since beginning the Power of Fusion series in the Eyesight Club, I've noticed a perception of layers of sound previously unbeknownst to me.

I'm seeing a symphony of sights every day!