Get the Most from the Eyesight Club (for members only)

First, make sure you have the basics: Most everyone in the Club starts by using The Program for Better Vision, the Read Without Glasses Method or is taking EYEMAX-plus. You can find out more about these at

Become a vibrant member of the Club! Your participation and interaction helps to add more value for yourself - and all other Club members!

1. Learn. Use the Category tabs at the top of the page to access the ever-growing amount of content available only to members. Check these sections regularly - there's always more content available to you. (You can also get a quick overview of what's new by clicking on Recent Posts on the left.)

2. Participate. In the left-hand menu, click on Create Content. Here you can start - and add to - your own blog to keep a public journal of your vision experiences, start a new discussion topic in the forum and even start a poll that you'd want other members to vote on.

3. Ask. As a club member, you have exclusive access to Martin Sussman. Have a question or need advice or suggestions specific to your situation? Post your question in your blog, or in any of the appropriate forums. Wherever you put your questions, he will see them and answer them in the Club.

4. Sign up. When you log in, click on My Account on the left. On the My Account page, click on the edit tab to complete your profile. (Your user name is how other members will recognize you.) You can also upload your picture and create a default signature. Remember to click the Submit button to finalize your changes. You can return to this page at any time to make changes.

Upload your picture: On the My Accounts page, scroll down to the "Upload picture:" field and click "Browse...". This will open a window where you can find a picture on your computer to upload to the Eyesight Club. Select your picture, press "Open" and then scroll down and hit the "Submit" button. If you want to change your picture: repeat the process above. (Remember, you have to hit your browser's refresh button to see your new picture instead of your old one.)

5. Start a new discussion topic in the forums: Click on Forums (under Create Content on the left) and click "forum topic." Enter your new topic subject, select the appropriate "Forum" for your subject in the pulldown menu, and kick off the discussion in the body, then hit "Submit" to post it.