Club Member Shares Her Experiences

"By the time I found The Program for Better Vision I had stopped wearing glasses for my massage work (I am a psychotherapist and massage therapist, integrating mind/body/spirit).

I have had the Bates books all my life – my mother was interested and had me do some of the exercises when I first got glasses. I’ve palmed off and one. Several years ago I went to a vision therapist to correct an imbalance in my eyes that resulted from using monovision contacts, and did the exercises he prescribed. Last year I got Meir Schneider’s Yoga for the Eyes and worked on that for a while. I began to drive some without glasses and found it was safe and seemed good exercise.

I was very pleased and excited to find that your program addresses all the aspects of me. And I was also relived to find a structured program. This works for me.

I started leaving my glasses off for most of the day – my office is in my home, so that made it a lot easier. For the past four or five weeks I only wear them for night driving and watching a DVD (I rarely watch TV). I can shop, drive, work, exercise – whatever, without them. (I did use them driving in Boston last week!).

Thank you all for the Program!

I can see a couple of lines lower on the standard eye chart. I hold books further away when I read. I see highway signs from further away and more clearly. I can read license plates at a further distance. There are details I see on houses across the street. Cars on the road are more clearly defined. Faces of people are more clear – this is at a near distance, not far, yet. I see lots more details of trees, rocks, everything, when I drive. In the sixth week the weaker glasses (probably too much weaker, but I’ll revisit the Dr. in a few weeks) which had not felt safe at night were suddenly fine at night – very exciting!

I have been working with some old guilt from an incident in childhood which I now think was one of the triggers for my change in vision. I became aware of reluctance and blocking not only of my seeing people at a distance but also a blocking of them seeing me. I have been doing some imagery to help heal this, and I am aware of some changes – I’ve just returned from a weekend at a conference where I was more outgoing than usual with strangers – and more ready to let them in. Definitely a difference, and I will continue working on this.

The main turning point occurred when I first read the book – about what was going on in my life during the year before I got glasses. I had never connected it. We moved (my parents and I) from a small town in the country where I was very free to roam, to a city. I boarded at the same school, so that didn’t change, but I was living in a dorm – a drastic change from my life up to then. This realization has produced a lot of thought and memories – including, this past week, what I mentioned above – and I expect there will be more.

I have learned that I block vision when people are involved – more or less depending on whether I know them (less) or not (more). I can see much more clearly when I am looking at nature. I am working on untangling the sources for this.

I have achieved a definite improvement in my vision. I am also understanding something about an emotional block which I have never understood before.

I am beginning to notice that my vision without glasses is different from vision with glasses – and I am not talking about blurry or clear. I think that when I achieve the best vision I can (and I feel certain it will be without glasses) that I will see differently. I can’t exactly explain what I mean by that, but I am already aware of receiving the things I am looking at in a different way. And I think I have been trying to see and receive in this way for a long time and have been frustrated (I am just this minute realizing this!) by my inability to do this. I never realized it was my glasses that were preventing me! Oh, my – this is worth the price of the book, right there!.

My plan is to continue with the 6 techniques, at least one a day, and additionally explore the techniques in “the second stage” in the book. As time goes on, I will see which ones seem to be most useful. I know I will continue palming (usually 15 min/day), self massage, spectrum visualization – I plan to try to do these most days, whatever else I do.

By the way, my Dr. is very supportive and encouraging of my process and believes I can do it!

Herta Payson