An American in Paris is Seeing Better

"I want to thank you for the wonderful program which is giving me back my normal eyesight, free of glasses or contacts, after 35 years of being dependent on them. It has been such a fascinating process ..."

Dear Mr. Sussman,

I want to thank you for the wonderful program which is giving me back my normal eyesight, free of glasses or contacts, after 35 years of being dependent on them. It has been such a fascinating process that I want to share the experience with you.

My initial reaction when I heard about the program was reluctance; was I really willing to dedicate 20 minutes of precious time per day to improving my vision when contacts had been fine up until now? But once I ordered the program I sensed I was on the right track. I appreciate a behavioral approach, the idea that internal decisions and body tension are at the core of vision problems rather than this idea of the misshaped eye. It made sense, felt right. Then I read your brochure and was terrified to learn I must go outside for a half hour per day without glasses. Impossible, I thought, as I live in Paris and Il no doubt be killed by a passing car. I recognized this as fear and decided that meant something, perhaps even something essential to my vision loss.

Glasses cover your eyes and - irrational thought or not - they make you feel protected from the world. Reluctantly, I ventured out without wearing my glasses (but with them safely in my handbag) and lo and behold I was able to take my normal walk without a problem. True, things were fuzzy but nothing catastrophic happened. It was actually enjoyable and I was determined to continue.

The first thing I noticed was the sky, how amazing it looks in its natural state without glass or plastic obstructing the view. I found I could stare at it endlessly, watch the clouds drift by in a way I hadn't done since I was a child. Encouraged by what I was seeing, I began cutting back on my glasses use, putting them on only for an hour or two to watch TV. Within a month I threw out my contact lenses as I discovered the less I used glasses or contacts the more I saw. Amazing. Now ten months after beginning the program, I rarely if ever use my glasses. I can see the TV almost clearly from across the room, that which used to be a total blur. My old prescription is so strong for me that if I want to use glasses at all ll need to get new ones.

A few comments on the exercises themselves. At first I was resistant to the “Spectrum Visualization”, finding it silly and being unable to visualize the colors. It has become one of my favorites. I love how it relaxes me and my visual system. After using the vision chart, I always see a leap ahead in my vision. I think one of my problems is tension that has reduced mobility and as I work with the chart I see my eyes becoming fore free, moving more easily from finger to chart and corner to corner. The eye stretches feel like visual yoga and with similar results. Truthfully I love all the exercises and can't imagine not having them in my life.

As you said, the hardest part is getting started but once you start getting the great rewards ( I can see people clearly from blocks away when before someone more than two feet away was blurry) it overcomes that internal resistance that says, “I have no time!”. Now I enjoy the exercises for all they provide each day in terms of relaxation and visual strengthening.

In closing, l just mention how surprised I am to discover many people reluctant to try the program, even those with visual problems that concern them. Some mention that 20 minutes is too much time, while others look skeptical and say, “my vision will never improve.” I tell them I'm no longer using contacts after 35 years of daily usage, that I see more and more each day, that the world is opening up before my eyes. Only a few show real interest in following up the idea. Anyone who has experienced the life changing step of having their vision return as I have wants to scream “Run and get the program!: Its changed my life, simple as that. Never again will I wear contacts. No more expensive lens solutions, plastic in the eyes, groping around for glasses. It's a freedom I never thought I'd return to. Many, many thanks and bon continuation as the French say. By the way, I'm not French but an American living in Paris although not a rich one.

All the best to you and your team,
Nancy McCoy